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FULL SIZE: Ad Specifications Trim Size 8 3/8 x 10 7/8 Non Bleed Live Copy Area Full Page 540 x 729 Points 7.5 x 10.125 3/4 Page 540 x 545 Points 7.5 x 7.569 1/2 Horizontal 540 x 361 Points 7.5 x 5.014 1/2 Vertical 267 x 729 Points 3.708 x 10.125 1/4 Horizontal 540 x 177 Points 7.5 x 2.458 1/4 Vertical 267 x 361 Points 3.708 x 5.014 Center Spread 1142 x 729 Points 15.861 x 10.125 Bleed Size Full Page 621 x 801 Points 8.625 x 11.125 Center Spread 1224 x 801 Points 17 x 11.125 DIGEST SIZE: Trim Size 5.437 x 8.25 Non Bleed Live Copy Area Full Page 354 x 552 Points 4.917 x 7.667 1/2 Horizontal 354 x 274 Points 4.917 x 3.806 Center Spread 748 x 552 Points 10.389 x 7.667 Bleed Size Full Page 412 x 612 Points 5.722 x 8.5 Center Spread* 801 x 612 Points 11.124 x 8.5 Media Kit *When creating your full page bleed ad and center spread bleed ad, please create the document using the trim size. After creating that document, pull out the bleeds fromthe document 1/8 on all sides. This will ensure the page will fully bleed after trim. * Submission Requirements: There are 2 acceptable submission methods: 1) PDF and 2) Quark 6 Source Files. 1 2 Submitting your file in PDF format is the recommended form of submission. It eliminates the need to submit fonts and supporting files. See other page for complete details on creating a PDF using Quark 6. The Quark 6 Source Files submission will include: The Quark project, all logos and art, photos and fonts. This submission method will allow the listing data to be placed on the internet. The Source Files should be placed in a folder, zipped and identified by the advertiser and should be submitted on CD or DVD.Also included with the CD or DVD should be a full size color proof of the supplied ad.

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